Poziv na ekonomski simpozijum

Dear friends,
Allow me to invite you to the Economic Symposium to be held in Belgrade, Serbia, on November 8th 2012
and attend the panel entitled “Politics, Economy, Intelligence – A love Triangle“.
This economic symposium aims to bring together economic experts, members of the academia,
diplomats, investors and entrepreneurs, aspiring students and prospective young professionals from the
diplomatic, academic and think-tank fields in Serbia. It not only provides a platform for students and
young professionals to discuss and exchange ideas about the topic in question, but also gives them the
opportunity to change their views and ideas with proven experts in the informal debate to follow. This
year, Economic Symposium will tackle a challenging topic of Economic Intelligence, its interconnection
with politics and business sector, as well as the channels of “soft power” diplomacy. The program also
includes a networking cocktail and side-event with prominent guests, politicians and diplomats.
“Politics, Economy, Intelligence – A love Triangle” has its focus on how politics and economy are linked
with one another through intelligence. Its purpose is providing insights into the world of corporate,
political-economic intelligence, promotion of interdisciplinary approach of politics, economy and
intelligence, presenting investment opportunities to Slovenian and other businesses, and introducing
the topics to the academics and students. This is the first event of its kind in Serbia, thus making it even
more important and meaningful.
Regional forum for International and Strategic Studies (REFORMISS) is a young think-tank founded in
Serbia last year that aims to bring together experts in the field of international relations, strategic
studies and practical diplomacy through joint researches, analyses and projects. Our associates are
trying, on daily basis, to tackle the issues of politics and security, economy, area studies and global
society, to give valid contribution and quality analysis. Symposiums such as this one aim to put our
theoretical work in motion and to give practical approach to the topics in question.
For further details about Economic Symposium, please contact me at mila@reformiss.com
It would be a great pleasure to welcome you to an invigorating debate and the cocktail to follow.
I am looking forward to seeing you soon at Belgrade Chamber of Commerce.